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About Me

As a proud Maple Grove resident and hard working mother, I believe my personal and professional history, community advocacy and life experiences reflect the values we all hold dear; the basic human right to live, freedom in the choices we make and full opportunity to thrive.

I was born in Saint Paul and have lived in first and second ring suburbs of the Twin Cities. I grew up with all the challenges of being poor and the tenacity that it teaches as well. As an adult, I turned my stumbling blocks into building blocks, working in housing policy and development in the public sector while creating a welcoming home for my two sons in Maple Grove.


With over 20 years of professional real estate development and finance experience in the public and private sectors, I work to teach and advance equity in all facets of real estate. As a licensed real estate Broker I am actively involved in leadership positions with the Realtors® local association Board of Directors, state association Executive Committee and national association Federal Financing and Housing Policy committee. I currently work in housing policy and development in the public sector.

My life is a testament to the success one can achieve when opportunity and determination intersect. I left high school at 16 years old, earned my GED at 17, and was pregnant with my first son at 18. I refuse to be classified as a "statistic".  I work hard to provide for myself and children while trying to better the immediate environment in which we all live. Continuing to educate my self, working multiple jobs, as employee and entrepreneur, and wanting the best for my family, I moved to Maple Grove for the school district.






Through passion and a commitment to social and reparative justice, I focus on social economic sustainability determinants such as housing development and education for marginalized and disenfranchised communities through advocacy, economic and political education, and policy. As co-host of the Trill Moms Podcast, I use my platform to uplift issues Black mothers specifically face as well as bring awareness to the disparities that affect maternal health, child-rearing, and overall health, wellness, and stability.


My Experience

Policy Leadership

National Association of Realtors

Federal Political Coordinator Team for Congressional District 5 Representative


Minnesota Realtors 

Board of Directors

Vice Chair of Government Affairs Committee

Vice Chair of Public Advocacy Committee

Metropolitan Council Equity Advisory Committee (Immediate Past District Representative)  

AFSCME Council 5 Local 9 Labor Management Committee

City of Lakes Commercial Land Trust Advisory Board

City of Minneapolis Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee



Professional Certifications

Licensed Minnesota Residential Real Estate Broker 

National Development Council Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP) Certification

US Department of Housing and Urban Development 

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 

HOME Funding Compliance


Professional Training

Urban Land Institute Minnesota Real Estate Diversity Initiative Certification 

Nexus Community Partners Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute Alumnus 

Wilder Foundation Community Equity Program Alumnus 

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