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My Priorities


As your Senator I will advocate for equitable access and opportunity for all to live and thrive as they choose.


Maintain and expand equitable education opportunities for student success.

Expand extra-curricular activities in schools as a Minnesota standard

Integrate career pathways and trade training in high schools

Advocate for resources to fully meet the needs of students of all abilities in early childhood and K-12


Ensure residents have affordable quality health care.

Implement MinnesotaCare Buy-In program

Advocate for health choice rights with quality prenatal, reproductive and postnatal care

Champion cost reduction of life sustaining prescription medicine 


Maintain and expand access to rental, home ownership and senior living communities. 

Reduce cost-increasing building regulations while maintaining quality construction

Advocate for mortgage and rent protection and relief during economic and/or health crisis

Limit rent increases to keep pace with household incomes

Public Safety 

Ensure proactive policy and action that is rooted and grounded in basic human rights.

Advocate for universal background checks for firearms

Advocate for adequate funding for equitable mental health and family support resources

Champion transformation of the concept of policing

Small Business 

Reduce barriers to start, grow, and sustain a business.

Advocate for equitable access to capital for small businesses 

Reduce taxes and insurance premiums to decrease overhead and increase wages

Implement sound, practical, and easy to comprehend policies and regulations


Complete, repair and replace roadways for accessible and safe infrastructure. 

Advocate for the restoration and/or replacement of deteriorating roads and bridges

Increase funding to reduce bottleneck areas 

Expand accessible and affordable local transit options 

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